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Heiko's Music Page

Some of my favorite artists:

For more details about the music I like, check my "recommended listening" CD list.

As you probably noticed, I am specially interested in Jazz and World Music. In the last years, radio stations like Radio Bremen 2 and NDR 4 have produced great concerts and broadcasts in this field - e.g. with Mari Boine, June Tabor, Jan Garbarek and others. I can only recommend to check their broadcasting schedules for such events and then start your DAT recorder - as I do quite often ;-).

Unfortunately it is sometimes not very easy to get hands on the music I like. If you are in the same situation, you might want to have a look at the following places:

  • Digelius Music in Helsinki, Finland,  http://www.digelius.com/
    (focused on Scandinavian music, mail order, very good online catalogue)
    Digelius Music, Laivurinrinne 2, 00120 Helsinki, Finland
    fax: +358 9 628950, phone: +358 9 666375, pap@digelius.com

  • Multikulti in Stockholm, Sweden,  http://www.multikulti.se/
    (mail order, very good online catalogue)
    Multi Kulti, Sankt Paulsgatan 3, 11846 Stockholm, Sweden
    phone/fax: +46 8 6436129, multi.kulti@swipnet.se

  • Canzone in Berlin, Germany,
    ... seems to be only mail-order since 2002 http://www.canzone-online.de/
    Old address (probably outdated now ...)  http://www.canzone.de/
    Canzone, Savignypassage, S-Bahnbogen 583, 10623 Berlin, Germany
    mailorder phone: +49 30 3131578, fax: +49 30 3126527, phone: +49 30 3124027, worldmusic@canzone.de



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