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Heiko Purnhagen's Alternative Home Page

Welcome to my entry into the WWW!
Willkommen in meinem Tor zum Zwischennetz!
Velkommen ... og takk for sist!

new URL Here, on the attic of www.heikopurnhagen.net, you find most of the content that I had since 1996 on my earlier altnernative home page at http://www.fet.uni-hannover.de/~purnhage/.

Mari Boine
Being always curious about music that is not M.O.R. (middle of the road), I've collected some information about my favorite artists and their music. Here you also find my "inofficial" web page about Mari Boine - a fascinating Sami artist from the very north of Europe.
DAT Since I enjoy to listen to good music in good quality, I've put together some information on DAT (Digital Audio Tape) and appropriate electronic projects - including IR remote control and S/P-DIF digital I/O.
software Some GPLd software and patches (like the audio tool plax from autools) for Linux and possibly other OSs can be found here.
Pops tönende
If you want to listen to the world's greatest radio program, tune in to Radio Bremen 1 every Sunday night at 22:05 and enjoy Pops tönende Wunderwelt.
navigation Do you have a GPS receiver and a PC? And do you want to know what's possible when you connect these two boxes together? Or do you just want to create and upload your own vector maps in your Garmin 12 / Garmin 45? Then you should have a look at CHART - an electronic chart system I wrote - and some other information on GPS I collected.
bikes Whilst staying onshore, my preferred means of transportation are bike and train - depending upon distance and the time available. Amongst other things, these preferences resulted in a rather detailed report ("Mit zwei Rädern um die Ostsee") on a bicycle tour along the Baltic Sea I did together with a friend in summer 1995.
Kurzschluß Some articles about my time as exchange student at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) in Trondheim, Norway, were published in the Kurzschluß - our local EE student magazine.
funny Here is some funny stuff I've collected.


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