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Heiko's DAT Page

Here are some DAT-related links - primarily gathered from the DAT-Heads mailing list:


And this is the stuff I've written or collected myself:

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The D7 7-pin connector and S/P-DIF digial I/O

I've collected several postings to the DAT-Heads mailing list concerning the Sony TCD-D7 7-pin connector and put together some "do it yourself" projects providing digital I/O for the D7. The TCD-D3 and TCD-D8 have the same 7-pin connector as the TCD-D7, so the info here applies to them also ...

Lindsay Pearson has recently deciphered the "status return codes" the D7 is transmitting on pin 3 of the 7-pin connector - nice job!

I've heard that the S/P-DIF transmitter/receiver circuits described above can be used to add digital I/O to an "Epoch SoundPro HT-1869V+ Card" ... but please don't ask me about this. Some information about this "hack" might be available here or there.

SCMS - Serial Copy Management System

Here is some basic information about the SCMS copy protection scheme.

Some SCMS copy processor projects:

DAT error rate counter

Some information about measuring DAT error rates:

Another project adding an "error rate output" to the Sony 55ES / 57ES will be available here at some time in the future. It uses a GAL 16V8 connected to the DAT's internal CN333 connector and requires an external "universal counter"

SIRCS - serial infrared (IR) remote control

If you are interested in a "do it yourself" remote control for a Sony TCD-D7 or always wanted to know how "SIRCS" (serial infrared remote control system) works, you should have a look at the following program:

SIRCS message files for sircs4.exe:

Some other external contributions:


IR remote control - more general info ...

Use your HP 48 as remote control (including a large collection of IR codes):

Some general information about IR remote control:

Some information about IRDA for PCs:

If you have an "One-For-All" universal remote control, the following might help you to get the error rate displayed on a Sony Professional DAT:

Microchip PIC16Cxx microcontroller

Having used these microcontrollers for audio and other projects, I really like them very much ...


Some very good books and articles about digital audio, DAT and electronics:

  • "The art of digital audio", John Watkinson. 2. ed.
    Oxford : Focal Press, 1994. - XIV, 685 p.
    ISBN 0-240-51320-7
  • "RDAT" [Rotary head digital audio tape (RDAT)], John Watkinson.
    Oxford : Focal Press, 1991. - xi, 244 p.
    ISBN 0-240-51306-1
  • "The art of electronics", Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill. 2. ed., reprint.
    Cambbridge : Cambridge Univ. Pr., 1990. - XXIII, 1125 p.
    ISBN 0-521-37095-7
  • "An Understanding and Implementation of the SCMS Serial Copy Management System for Digital Audio Transmission", Clifton W. Sanchez
    94th AES Convetion, Berlin, March 1993, Preprint #3518
    (reprinted in "Crystal Semiconductor Audio Databook 1994")
  • Crystal Semiconductor Data Sheets (online as PDF!):
    Consumer/Professional Audio (Audio ADCs & DACs, Digital Audio Interface TX & RX)
    (see also: "Crystal Semiconductor Audio Databook 1994")


Heiko Purnhagen 2004-01-18